Auromode garment atelier
Tibetan pavilion
New Creation school
Surrender community
Surrender phase 2
Auromodele, residence 1
Auromodele, residence 2
Canyon project, draft
Bakery Garden Project

Main building

General layout

Reception building



Terrace on the 2nd floor

Fountain on the 2nd floor

Terrace on the 2nd floor

Auromode atelier

Andre and his partner Prema started Auromode in 1984; in a one room house of five by five meter. Today it is a thriving production unit that gives work to more than 200 people, housed in fifteen high-ceilinged and spacious buildings. The complex has integrated overhangs cum hanging gardens, to keep the sun from heating up the inside. With the growth of the unit, special care had to be taken for monsoon flooding on an industrial size area. The plan and garden layout developed organically over the years, in response to changing parameters. The carefully designed water management now stretches over more than 2000 square meter; including a roof garden with waterfall on the second floor. Ferro-cement was used to direct the water from the roofs onwards. Similar care is given to the recycling of waste produce, as well as gardens and forestation of the surrounding.

Client: Prema
Place: industrial zone of Auroville (Auroshilpam)
Design team: Andre Hababou, Lakshmi (drafts)
Consultant: Govinda
Contractor: Govinda
Built-up area: 2640 sq m
Cost of project: ongoing
Project status: ongoing

2nd floor roof-garden